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The GI-Source is an air impulsive source which enables the control of its own bubble effect. It provides a clean acoustic signature and a high-resolution subsurface imaging.

Based on the G-Source technology, it consists of two air chambers embedded within the same casing - the generator and the injector - that are fired independently. Versatile and reliable, it offers the possibility to adjust the volume of air injected as well as monitor the moment and the duration of the injection. Depending on the environment and the pulse strength needed, it can be used either in the GI Mode -‘True GI’- for a complete suppression of the bubble oscillation or in the Harmonic Mode for a controlled reshaped signature.

With its efficiency and unequalled acoustic performance, the GI-Source is the best-in-class choice for shallow water environments.


Please fill in your contact details to watch the video presented by Julien Large explaining:

  • How the unique design of the GI-Source enables to control or suppress the bubble effect
  • The impact of the bubble oscillation suppression on the acoustic signature compared with conventional solutions
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